Leadership Mastery


Executive Coaching

Our coaching engagements are customized based upon our client’s intentions, learning style, organizational context, and budget. We address the full spectrum of executive development – cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual, interpersonal, and systems. Some clients begin with a clear set of goals, and others begin with a set of questions and use the coaching engagement to develop clarity. Our coaching philosophy is that people will only change if they own the need for change, see the benefit of change and have clear practices to generate sustained change.

We most frequently coach individuals or executive teams who are seeking to achieve higher performance, needing to address derailing behaviors or navigating significant transitions. We also guide executives in developing their natural leadership signature – the strategic integration of their unique leadership purpose, presence, and practices. We believe that most people have more leadership capacity than they realize. When they shed the dual chains of others’ expectations and their own limited thinking, they find reservoirs of passion, courage and capability.

Executive Team Development

Executive behavior fuels an organization’s tendency to be strategic and resilient (or not), establishing the foundation for the organization’s performance, culture, and rate of learning. Challenges in today’s environment are adaptive and often intractable, and leaders must learn and innovate to even be able to define some of the issues they face. At the same time, the non-linearity of today’s environment tests many leaders as huge efforts (such as large scale change initiatives) often fizzle, yet a brief comment or gesture irrevocably changes everything.

We help executives create strong teams that can survive and thrive in turbulent times, and sustain commitment in spite of external pulls. When we work with executive teams, we understand that time is of the essence and that it’s expensive to convene the executive team. We are able to embed executive team development into a team’s regular schedule as well as conduct custom designed team development engagements.

Executives as Conversation Architects

An essential role of executives is to design the conversations held in their organization. Leaders determine what is discussable and what is not, and how much time is giving to thinking together and learning. When a leader frames an issue as an insightful question rather than as a problem, a conversation begins where everyone can learn something new together, and creative results are possible. Strategy and innovation are not just developed through formal activities, but also through networks of informal conversations and relationships. In times of scare resources and little time, executives who frame and then fuel informal conversations expand the collective capacity of the organization to meet unprecedented challenges with creativity, thoughtfulness, and efficiency. In every aspect of our work, we teach leaders how to design conversations, how to ask powerful questions, how to listen beyond the words spoken, and how to harvest the collective intelligence that emerges.

  • How clear are you about who you are as a leader or leadership team – what you stand for, where you are going, and what you bring?
  • Are your actions creating the results and relationships you intend? Do you have the versatility in the moment when you need to lead disparate stakeholders in difficult situations?
  • How’s your health, your mood and your stress level? What’s keeping you from being inspired, energized, focused, positive and rested in a sustainable way?
  • Do you and your team have the leadership presence and credibility you need? Would others choose to follow you if they didn’t have to?